Hanukah Statuses

This Hanukah, on each of the eight days, I wrote a facebook status that related to the qablaistic idea of the number who’s night it was

At a time in the year when it approaches its greatest darkness (winter solstice), a candle is lit, a point of light that illuminates all. Happy Hanukah everyone, May we all find our light.

Two candles lit, a voice answers and the world becomes a bit brighter. Whenever two or more..

Out of the light of two candles comes a third, Enough light to continue warming the hearts of us all

Four candles lit –half the menorah grounding us in our traditions, illuminating past and present.

Fifth Night- The strength of the candles’ glow warms our hearts and awakens us to the possibilities.

Sixth Candle lit- The menorahs sitting on the table glowing with a beautiful soul-filled light bringing our thoughts to the heavens

Seventh Candle is lit and Light wins a victory over darkness. We bask in love at the resplendent light

Eight Candles- The night is lit with splendour.. The miracle has occurred as we have allowed more light to enter our hearts and our lives

Short Explanation on the Relationship Between the Tree of Life and the Minor Arcana

Besides the 22 Major cards (trumps) which can be linked to the paths between sephiroth on the tree of life there are 56 cards in the minor arcana, split into four suits, These suits correspond to the primary elements (among many other things)
anyway Wands - Fire, Cups-Water Swords-Air Pentacles-Earth
The four suits number from one to 10 symbolizing the sephiroth in each of the 4 elements or (worlds )
There is also in eacy suit the court cards King, Queen, Knight (or Prince) and Page
which correspond to the tatwas, the combination of elements
thus Prince of Wands would be King of Wands would be Fire of Fire, Queen of Wands, Water of Fire, Prince of Wands (Air of Fire) and Page of Wands (Earth of Fire)
thus the sevens would represent the influence of Netzach in each of the four elements, thus in Victory in Spirit (or Fire) would mean the opportunity to win out over something both within or without, Victory in Emotion would be (Crowley’s Debauch notwithstanding) the ability to win out over choices , etc.

Tarot Card of the Day – December 16 2009 – Prince (Knight) of Wands

Air of Fire
21° Cancer – 20° Leo

Beholden to no one
I build my flame
and speed of movement
I devour everything in my path
yet do it with a love and passion
deeper than any you’ve known

Seducing your senses
I tell you reasons
that lie beyond madness
I dance swiftly body and mind
yet do it with logic and voice
sweeter than any you’ve known

All-Sides Seeing
Committed to Nothing
I argue any position
and take it in stride
I glow with brilliant intensity
yet do it with humour and gest
warmer than any you’ve known

Prince of Wands for Thoth Deck

I Ching Hexagram: 42 Yî
____ ____
____ ____
____ ____

Sun The Gentle Wind
Chen Arousing Thnunder

This Hexagram is about one whose energy and movement can help save the world. Someone who gives himself feedback and improves therein.

The Knight of Wands inspires as he burns. Wind guides fire and the Knight of Wands is guided from within. Slow to decisions but quick to action. He is almost always in activity, mentally and spiritually. His own opinions are arrived at slowly but he will argue any position for the sake of the discussion itself. Charismatic, he draws people to his orbit, but they must keep offering him something new, as he grows bored quickly ever ready for the next adventure.

While Astrologically, the Knight of Wands has mainly Leo rulership , the last decan of Cancer brings in some interesting characteristics. A sense of timing, rhythm and creativity comes with this energy. The moon’s influence here can cause vacillation. If the Knight can avoid this vacillating, success can be possible, otherwise there may be much of the talkative spiritual dreamer about him.
Luckily the first decan of Leo lends some ‘staying’ power, pride and authority, stubborn yet people-pleasing.The second decan of Leo with its Jupiter influence also lends a well-developed sense of humour to the mix.

When this card shows up in a reading and it does not refer specifically to a person, chances are an adventure is in the offering, one that could involve things happening very quickly . What I refer to as rabbit-hole time
Reversed, there is a feeling of false starts possibly due to over-confidence. It can also be cautioning against being too cute for the room as in charm wearing thin