Tarot Card of the Day – March 30 2010

VI Of Cups

Tiphareth in Water
Sun (☉) in Scorpio (♏)

Natural Pleasures

Take my hand and give me yours
Let me taste of your willingness
as eagerly we explore inner and outer beings
The music starts
and we take the first steps moving in rhythm to a dance
older than our souls, a dance not solely danced with limbs
or tongue or organs but with our very beings,
Masculine and Feminint energies
combining within ourselves and each other
a love letter written to the eternal
from the eternal

Six of Cups from Rohrig Tarot

I Ching Hexagram 20 Kwan “Manifesting or “Contemplation”
____ ____
____ ____
____ ____
____ ____

Sun -The Gentle Wind Above
K’Un the Receptive Earth Below

It means both contemplative and being seen . The image is of a Vast Tower on a Mountain with a view of the countryside around It. From the Tower the ruler can be aware of both Heaven above and the people below and set an example for the people.
The time period that this hexagram is linked to is September-October where the dark is on the rise once more and the light subsides…
A couple of other images associated with this hexagram
The time in a ceremony in between when the ablution, ritual cleaning has been done, yet before the sacrifice has been made….(in a sexual context, the sexual act before climax (the rising and uniting of energies))
When the wind blows across the earth, the grass and trees etc, must give way before it…and it blows everywhere
When a king walks the earth, people must accede to his wishes, as he notices everything before him and corrects what is not to his liking, By his mere existence, he causes correction to happen…

Sun (☉) in Scorpio (♏)
This energy is all about powerful sensual feeling and transcendence, One of its symbols is the phoenix rising from its own ashes. The energy is passionate, sexual and consuming…

The card itself, has aspects of that fertility of the Sun upon the water (interesting in a way, that the Hexagram correspondent is that of Wind On the Earth (Air and Earth) so that both unions of male elements with female elements is represented by this energy”) . It’s title is The Lord of Pleasure

In readings the traditional ways of interpreting this card seem almost at variance with the meanings given above..
Well-aspected, upright, the card refers to nostalgic memories, remembering things in their best light
reversed or badly aspected, the traditional meaning would be looking at the past in a more realistic fashion, healing of past wounds.
If you consider the image of the phoenix rising of the sun in scorpio perhaps the traditional interpretation takes on new meaning.

Quote of the Day – March 28 2010

“A mountain is composed of tiny grains of earth. The ocean is made up of tiny drops of water. Even so, life is but an endless series of little details, actions, speeches, and thoughts. And the consequences whether good or bad of even the least of them are far-reaching”


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Eye Sea by G A Rosenberg

Elemental Gifts by G A Rosenberg

I gave the fire my hope
fed it and raised it high
and it illuminated the night
and burned until morning’s breeze
stirred the lasting embers

At water’s edge, I contemplate
watch the waves come in, withdraw
They speak to me in the Moon’s voice
which echoes my inner and outer vision
bringing me peace until dawn’s rising
calls me back inside

The Air gives witness to my rage
it bears it up and outward
away from my being
Becalmed until new day’s pressure
starts building up within

and so The Earth receives my love
mother at the root of all
she nourishes me as I suckle
safe until the daylight’s heat
starts rousing me again….