Tarot Post – Prince of Cups


Prince / Knight of Cups (Air of Water)


Prince of CupsPrince of Cups (Revised) by G A Rosenberg


Dreaming in secret
Other hearts are open books
I can understand


while the world goes on around me
those I could love
and do
beyond but not in
the reality we share
no one knows my true nature
yet you could you know
here with me
but NO
in waking world
with no one understanding
but you could.
See what I’ve accomplished
no not here
but there in the future
I’ll take you there
Come with me
and learn what few do
or can
you feel my understanding
Together we can…
well in my dreams
you already have.
— G A Rosenberg


The suite of Cups deal with our emotional nature including love, both that as in a relationship between two (and rarely more) people and that of friends and companions. Princes deal with the transmission and the endurance of the energy, the result of the union of the King’s Force and the Queen’s generative and nurturing of the energy.The transmission of emotion is seldom done through action but through words and expression. The Prince of Cups understands takes in the emotions, understands them and feels deeply yet he shows what he wishes others to see holding the rest inside until it becomes either necessary or desirable to let them out. He is often artistic, using his emotions as yet another palette on which to draw. He is able to elicit emotions from others and sees things that others do not.
Having such a deep internal life, it is often difficult to get the Prince of Cups to take action on a practical level. He has a deep sense of the aesthetic yet seldom wants to get his hands dirty. In these and so many other ways he is a study in contrasts. This is at least partly due to the fact that he often can see and hold two or more contradictory viewpoints or attributes. Due to this, he often ends up surprising even those closest to him by doing or espousing something radically different than what he had the day before.


Astrological Correspondence: 21° Libra – 20° Scorpio Elemental: Air of Water – This combination of Libra’s communication skills, enjoyment of those considered friends and energy combined with Scorpio’s magnetism, secrecy and artistic flair yields an artist who loves to hide in plain site. He will work obsessively to convey ideas and visions that will leave people scratching their heads. They love people and are very romantic often giving much of themselves to those they love yet they demand as much in return and can become resentful at what they see as a lack of loyalty.


I Ching Correspondence -61) Kung Fu – Inner Truth

___ ___
___ ___


The Hexagram for the Wind is over that of the Lake. The Wind stirs the water and affects it by getting inside, in other words by understanding. This hexagram much like it’s two open lines in the centre councils being open to all things true and to seek understanding of others by understanding one’s own relationship to the truth as it expresses inside of themselves. The hexagram also speaks about being open to finding the right approach to use with each being encountered (as opposed to settling for a one-size fits all cookie-cutter solution)so as best to express this inner truth.


When the Prince of Cups turns up in a reading, he may represent a person, interest or passion that while not practical sweeps you off your feet in a most romantic way. Someone may feel like the answer to all your dreams but are you sure you understand what their investment is? The force of this card may be addictive in its intensity. He may represent a lover (male or female) who has serious commitment issues as they wish to experience it all and feel it deeply. The Prince of Cups may also be suggesting that a time when it is necessary to address the balance between dreaming and taking action in our own lives. Both dreaming and acting on these dreams are important


Reversed the Prince of Cups often speaks of the desire to avoid responsibility. This may come as a reaction to feeling like there is too much expected or it may come out of a sense of disillusionment with the world. It may also refer to someone who is manipulative and who uses our emotions and attractions against us. This person will tend to value the effect of what he (or she) says over truth or honesty. The Reversed Prince of Cups may also mean that we feel not that there is too much expected of us but that there is too much for us at this time. The Prince reversed may also refer to a time when we are letting our emotions pull us in any given situation.


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