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Weekend Exposures

Sometimes of late in my art and on this blog I operate a kind of cyber Moulin Rouge, where my different aspects, come on stage and perform a strip tease, exposing themselves…Some of the deepest strangest aspects have yet to emerge and some of the brightest as well.


Electric Web WorkElectric Web Work by G A Rosenberg


Interdimensional CrossroadsDimensional Crossroads by G A Rosenberg


Opal Star in the EastOpal Star in the East by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – November 10 2011

Beyond a certain point, the whole universe becomes a continuous process of initiation.
–Robert Anton Wilson

I’ve bee contemplating arrogance the last few days, my own as well as that of others. We feel ourselves subjected to intolerance and yet we limit the points of views that we can hear never mind accept as valid. We claim to be without fear which to me sounds a whole lot like being without the colour cyan or the note fa (arbitrary picks on my part, I make no correlation between fear and cyan nor fear and fa) Not that I believe that we should ever let fear rule us, but see it as a teacher, one with particularly harsh lessons at times. By understanding our fear, we gain a better understanding of ourselves and our universe. I said all this to someone and immediately came to a realization. For years I have bragged about how I never feel boredom. What arrogance, Sure when i get impatient or have to do something I might not feel like doing, I feel time go to a crawl and things can become tedious. Yes, that sounds like boredom to me also. Oh it seldom lasts long and in the universe inside my mind I can go exploring or revisiting points of interest and then once again I fly free. But saying I NEVER experience boredom? That word never and its brother always share a particular cognitive dissonance in my head. They seem so absolute. More on that another time. Namaste
— G A Rosenberg

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Colour Play on Crumpled Paper by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – October 30 2011

“For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream.”

    –Vincent Van Gough


Rambling Thoughts
Finding the Present as the Past’s Future and the Future’s Past yet living in the moment. Have I become that aware of time’s illusion or have I lost sight of the NOW.. I keep arriving only to find i’ve never left, a new consequence of the home within.
Glowing edges have given me the stars and the knight sky. I dream yet awake and I walk on. I become aware of new potentialities and perhaps they become aware of me.

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We Are All Made of Stars by G A Rosenberg

Glowing Leopard by G A Rosenberg


Icarus Transfigured

why does it seem that those most resistant to change tend to be the ones most unhappy with their lives? Can fear be that strong? Do we all have elements of Hamlet’s dilemma that we stick with those ills we have rather than face the unknown. Despite the words old Willie spoke with Hamlet’s voice I don’t believe that conscience rules in the situation as much as misguided attachment. We do seem to know our pain and fear losing it.
What of all the people involved in Occupying Wall Street? They seem to want change because they find themselves unhappy with the current status quo? Does that disprove my theory? Yet look at the demonstrations and the people you see marching. They may not like the current state of things but they don’t appear to be miserable. I see excitement over the idea of change and that they may be part of it. I see people secure in themselves and the idea that life can be better and the realization of the need for change but unhappy? Not so much
I look at the people in power. The media and banking moguls who seem to be following Ghandi’s pattern. “First they ignore us, then they laugh at us then they fight us then we win”. They seem to be the most unhappy not only with the idea of change but with the lives they live. They have more than they could ever need yet something inside of them screams “MORE”. No matter how much they have, they always want MORE.. Somehow that doesn’t seem happy to me.

What would happen if Icarus, instead of believing that his wings were melted by the sun, believed instead that he could fly anyway, would new wings, wings that had greater reality than the melted ones of wax appear in their place as Icarus took his place among the stars?
–G A Rosenberg


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Icarus Transfigured by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – October 1 2011

“I prefer to be a dreamer among the humblest, with visions to be realized, than lord among those without dreams and desires. ”
–Kahlil Gibran

When I create images, they become something of a waking dream. I compose elements and backgrounds and slowly an image takes shape. I find they and perhaps myself exist in a form of heightened reality. Yet I know that I too exist as a dream taking shape.There too I may be the dreamer as well as the dream and perhaps also my dream may be formed by a dreamer beyond myself. –g a rosenberg

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Who’s Dream by G A Rosenberg

Angelic Pattern by G A Rosenberg

Quote of the Day – September 4 2011

“BE STILL: Be stiller yet; and listen. Set the screen
Of silence at the portal of your will.
Relax, and let the world go by unheard.
And seal your lips with some all-sacred word.”
–Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Sometimes my channels feel completely open-ready to receive anything and everything. Other times it seems that so much is in process transmitting, receiving, process that i can hear the grind of the mental and spiritual hard drive as it slows down to a crawl..
Make some space, clear out the files I no longer use, Empty myself
Hailing Frequencies Open. Ready Once again to receive

(Of course there are times when the inner channels play cartoons but that’s another story) 😉


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Portals by G A Rosenberg

Portals in Use by G A Rosenberg

More Random Notes

I surrender myself to myself
perennial life student learning from many

I surrender myself to love.

Committing to my inner truth and expressing it… A surprising challenge…one that i believe i’m open to..
it is happening..

The universe tends to send me recurring messages. Over a period of two to three days everywhere I turn I will hear a message repeated. Messages such as the importance of personal integrity or the need to express my truth. When I say the universe, I believe I mean my higher self or soul, if you will. Most recently the message that I kept getting was to know what I want. “Ask and ye shall receive.” Have clear intentions and they will happen. I have always found this to be true. What I kept reading, hearing in random videos on YouTube or in conversations with friends or even in music was that I had to want something. The challenge is that basically I love the universe’s infinite capacity to surprise me. Things consistently turn out either better than I could ever wish, or stranger or both. So thinking about what I really wanted I found rather difficult.
So I put some thought into it and meditated a bit and started writing down what I felt I wanted:

I want the world to grow up…

I want us to mature as a people. to treat the planet better .. to form new systems of government that actually work for the people..to restructure society from the beginning

I want to love unconditionally and universally..
I want to channel and act from my higher self

I wish to serve a higher purpose. My soul’s purpose if you will.. To serve source..To serve man but in the non cookbook sense..
When these wants become needs then things will flow…I want to need these things with every fiber of my being…

I believe the difference between wants and needs is compromise.. When we want something, we want it NOW. We want it how we want i, where we want it and will not find anything else acceptable. When we need something however, we need it and will take it anyway we can get it. A starving man will eat just about anything he can find if it will sustain him..An addict will make any compromise to get what he needs..
Understanding in any given situation whether something may be a want or a need for us seems to me to be an important part of the maturation process

I need an enema of expression. seems like my truth is hiding behind my nonsense and i need to free it

memory of talent yearning, burning, churning
learning still yet not stilled
agitate cogitate meditate not medicate
translate the meaning don’t let lessons be tossed
lost, seeking to find
needing to rewind and grind
never mind all that
my years gone into arrears
so many of them flown
chances blown
new ones arrive
count on it
no obit waiting for me
no end to forsee
i keep going
spiralling out
new iterations
new complications
tempestuous temptations
yet still
through use of will
I find the chill
always and all ways

The Ferryman by G A Rosenberg

The ferryman has been my most constant teacher. Lately he has been manifesting in my art when I have created something that contains a lesson that I need to learn. He watches, silently and understands everything that comes within his field of vision.

What does a ferryman do? He transports people across the water. He guides the ship through the rough parts deftly missing or sideswiping obstacles in his path.

He’s done that for me a lot of late. As I stand at each crossroads wondering which direction to take he stands with me. He offers neither advice nor suggestion yet somehow I know that he travels with me.  I wonder, knowing that water is a symbol of the unconscious, what shoals he sees in my path. He definitely seems to know a lot more about the destination than I do.

I have never seen his face. Even within my dreamscapes, his back is turned. Looking out at what is to come, silently understanding the path of the journey, the rough waters I will have to navigate, the beings I’ll encounter and the lessons I need to learn.  If he did turn to me, I do know exactly the face that I would see.


In life as in story
chapters begin and end
a thought or adventure nears
either a transition point
or a moment of tension,
a cliffhanger that drags us along
to the start of something new
It’s amazing how troubled we get
at these transitions
Anxiety mixes with excitement about what comes next
grief over what’s left behind
yet looked at from a distance
it’s all one book
complete before time began…
In the long run
perhaps all we can do
is make our story a memorable one,
an enjoyable one,
a fulfilling one whatever that may mean
for each of us