Realizing Potential


“To see the fruit in the seed, this is genius.”
— Lao Tzu


To see the coming becoming
is to glimpse the future’s dark
Can you see the apex view
from the mountain’s base?
Visionary impulse
with critical thought
Picking among possible futures
and willing the one you want
While wanting the one you will
Still every seed has its own will
so a slow sculpture ensues
Working to achieve the vision presented
while acknowledging the process
and owning it.
— G A Rosenberg


Blessings, G


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Within the CrystalWithin the Crystal by G A Rosenberg


Forest ConjurorForest Conjuror by G A Rosenberg


Fiddling with the Everglade (Redux)


Some pictures particularly the ones I really like tend to keep getting reworked either by bringing elements from them into new pieces or in the application of new techniques that I have since learned. The Everglade picture was one I first did in 2010 and then played around with again a few years later. I couldn’t resist playing with the image a bit more.


In new day
In a glade found by walking
where few had trod
following the beckoning of
a sensuous maiden tree
I found the Ever-Glade
Reality was at a crossroads
Tricksters were abound
and creation was abundant
colours more vivid than
life had yet shown me
I entered the glade
and partook of all that was offered
Now part of me will never leave
for it is carried inside me
My new home and existence
creating each other eternally.
— G A Rosenberg


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The Ever-Glade(R)The Ever-Glade (R) by G A Rosenberg